Our Story

I created Wigglebutts in order to bring joy, love, light & smiles to the life of pets and their owners.

In March 2020, we opened our home to fostering dogs and I've been forever changed since. I have always had a passion for animals but when I saw first hand how badly some of them are treated I discovered how much they need our help and decided I needed to be doing more to help!

My shops mission is to make the world a more vibrant place where people feel a stronger bond with their pets!
Knowing every single one of your purchases makes a leap towards helping animals in need adds more light on this earth!
One of the biggest reasons I created Wigglebutts, was to be able to help animals as much as I can which is why I'm donating 15% of proceeds from each purchase to a foundation that supports and helps animals! It is also why there is an option to add a donation to Misfits Rescue with each purchase! 


Wigglebutts puts love into each handmade piece we design. We want to give our customers fashionable, fun, unique pieces for the whole family to wear. Most of all, we want to expand peoples passion for animals and prove that together we WILL make a difference!

 If you're looking to growing your family or interested in fostering, apply here at Misfits Dog Rescue.